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html5 工程师



The following is since I am a graduate of a work experience


Graduation season

The graduation is engaged in a flash designer duty, the boast commisserate boast commisserate industry work, has received leaders' high praise and the praise. Once many times extracted the department, the group outstanding staff.
I motion has the rich experience of things, and because of that is rich in imagination, with hand-painted ability at the same time, the ability to relate to sketch, literary sketch, color, and so on, animation design level of confident answer - "good".


Flash designers transition HTML 5 engineers

In October 2013, the company in assignment of training institutions to learn HTML 5 technology, by the end of November 2014.To work during the lesson for the weekend, Monday to Friday, weekend classes, this year, though the pain and happy, is keen on it, this suffering again calculate what?

2014.04 ~ so far

Engaged in developing it

04, 2014 enterprise project started, graduated as a no me big trouble, count not meet the technical difficulties and because of that, I was able to thrive.1.0 by me solely responsible for online homework, on the premise of not enough foreign ti outsourcing staff development together, as a project manager I resist pressure, with the support of everyone well online.Is 1.0 years, supported by successively developed version 2.0, has been a complete coverage of all 1.0, both the overall interface, or user experience, error rate, got new improve resource utilization efficiency, etc.

Development question;
Activities display mobile client applications;
Using reactive mobile end, WeChat end related applications;
Using the native JavaScript to menu customization;
Using JavaScript and JQuery to realize dynamic effect and interaction effect on the page, for example: Fanc box, TAB, the picture scroll, FAQs, etc;
The upgraded system compatible with all major browsers: Internet explorer Fire Fox Safari Chrome device and samsung Tab;
Optimize the speed of the website user experience, and access.
For performance and data separation, the semantic Web, JavaScript object oriented programming and so on have a deep understanding;
To realize the importance of browser compatibility.




Keen on it, I hope many kindred spirit to discuss progress.Of course, if you have the cooperation intention with me, please contact me.

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